Who is Currently?

Today CURRENTLY  operates  as a loose collective, reconfiguring to support various activities. In essence anybody who contributes to CURRENTLY is CURRENTLY such as marine/maritime institutions and societies, maker and community outreach groups and anyone we encounter along the way.


2012 Project proposal. Amanda Steggell (Oslo) and Ross Dalziel (Liverpool).

2013 Curating Conditions. Project leaders: Amanda Steggell and Ross Dalziel, with Hillevi Munthe, Elisabeth Weihe, Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Jana WinderenEtienne Gernez, artist groups Open Source Swan Pedalo,  Owl Project and POINT FIVE.

2014 Project leaders: Amanda Steggell, Elisabeth Weihe, Ross Dalziel/Adrian McEwen – with a whole host of contributors including; Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Seppo Steggell, Alette Jentoft, Hroar Hesslberg, Marie Due, Magnus Buuer, Magnus Kultorp, Hillevi Munthe, pupils of North Walney Primary School, Octopus Collective, and many more …

2015  Project leaders: Amanda Steggell and Elisabeth Weihe, Ross Dalziel/Adrian McEwen with Piksel (Bergen NO), Access Space (Sheffield UK),  Greenwash pop-up workshop on the docklands of Oslo, and preparing for Currently 2016 with Evelyn Ansen, Oslo’s Maritme Museum  and more.

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