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CURRENTLY supports experimental processes and exchanges, and seek novel ways to build bridges between diverse cultural practices and artistic disciplines, marine research and technology, the sea, the land – and the public.


The marine environment accounts for most of the Earth’s surface, yet is largely ignored by mainstream ‘land- locked’ culture. Arguably the embedding of the internet in media culture adds to this blindspot; it gives the illusion there is little need for physical transport anymore when it fact physical logistics across waterways remain essential to our way of life. The considerable growing body of research and data concerning this vast area, in terms of economics, resources and bio-science is accessible to the public, but can be difficult to comprehend or reflect on for a layperson. Those with a passion for the ocean seek to bridge this gap between humans and the sea.


The core group of artists of CURRENTLY have their own distinct relationship in their work to the sea; some live-aboard the water, all live and work in urban coastal areas. Several have backgrounds in marine biology, and/or experience of collaborating with marine researchers. Some have experience harvesting data from marine research, others use maritime data as part of their everyday lives and some overshadowed by their hometowns dependence on the sea. Based mainly between Liverpool, Barrow and Oslo, they are geographically divided yet connected by a shared sea between the Norwegian and European Continental Shelf.


The aim of CURRENTLY is, via a research-based collaborative process, to develop an infrastructure and platform that supports the development of this work.

The aim of the total project is to create an accumulative, eclectic artistic programme – a new body of work – which can be shared with a public in various socially engaged ways and locations, and through this ignite a passion and concern for the challenges that face the marine environment – and in turn, our world today.

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