Hackspace 1 @STATIC Liverpool

The first Currently hackspace took place Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd March 2013 at Offcut studio and STATIC production & social spaces in Liverpool.

The meeting was a development push to work on ideas and curate conditions for collaboration and work. Activity included a social show and tell, marine-art design fiction, DIY serialbuoy prototyping with EasyRadio chip and reclaimed plastic, Kinect 3D scanning and an Open Source Swan Pedalo launch at the swan’s new home at the excellent Liverpool Water Sports Centre in the local Queen’s Dock.

The second meeting is planned for 6th-9th September 2013 at Lavetthuset on Hovedøya, Oslo – a small island five minutes by ferry from the city centre. The island is beautiful nature reserve with a rich history and the summer season home of three of the Currently participants and their boats.


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