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CITY WATER at Piksel 2015, Bergen NO
Are you a “water curious?”. Does a certain temperature and muddy water mean the water is healthy, or do we need water full of useful stuff for animals to live in it?


City Water is a workshop for kids led by Gemma Latham (UK) and Elisabeth Weihe (NO) for PikselKidz, 19-21 November 2015 at Piksel, Bergen, Norway. In this workshop children became environmental biologists for two days, “making” their own computer sensors and devices to test the water. They floated their kits on the Bergen shores to find out how the water is doing.
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GREENWASH at Strandloppa (sand flea!) maritime flea market on the docks of Oslo NO
On 5-6 September 2015 Currently took part in Kystlaget Viken‘s maritime flea market with the pop-up soap workshop ‘Greenwash’. A great time was had cooking take-home soaps of the sea.

2015-09-06 14.21.52
Cooking soap made from seawater, seaweed and oil from a deceased sperm whale stranded off the coast of Østfold, Norway in 2003, Greenwash tells and gathers stories of Norway’s first oil industry and discusses the status of the natural marine environment today. The soap cooking workshop was led by Amanda Steggell, assisted by Elisabeth Weihe.


SHRIMPCRAFT! at Do it Anyway Festival, Access Space, Sheffield UK

In May 2015 we were invited to take part in Do it Anyway Festival, Access Space, Sheffield UK with the workshop ‘ShrimpCraft! Tools for the water curious’. We worked together with a group of children and adults to construct floating water quality test kits (ShrimpCrafts!).

Throughout the workshop we discussed the natural and constructed waterway networks of the city, and how they are connected to the sea. We made a short field trip to look at these waterways and collect some samples to test the temperature and turbidity of the water. We also suggested ways of how the data derived from the kits could be used creatively, like sending the data to Minecraft.

shrimpcraft01 group_01 maite
no_access river_01 bridge

(Otherwise …..)

CURRENTLY 15 is mainly about developing work, and planning for ‘If I was the Ocean’ – a seven-day event in August 2016 hosted by National Maritime Museum Oslo with cooperating artists from Oslo, Liverpool and Mystic Seaport Connecticut.









Entry point: The Ocean is without boundaries, and through rivers and waterways connected to all inland regions. The special qualities of coastal landscapes are derived from the intimate relationship with the marine environment and anthropogenic impacts there in. The connections are numerous and diverse, with social and economic as well as environmental dimensions. In the words of a young fisherman It’s all intertwined, you can’t separate it, and you can’t tamper with some of it without affecting the rest of it.
– quoted in Ruth Brennan, Barra field report, 2013

Part exhibition, part performance event, part research ‘If I was the Ocean’ investigates these relationships through a compilation of artistic projects conveyed in situ via various encounters with actions, materials, objects and technologies – on and alongside the sea. The project builds and extends on existing work of artists and technologists from Oslo, Liverpool and Mystic Seaport (USA) that have emerged from Currently, bringing them together in the same place for the first time, each reconfigured and situated in a new environment.