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How to start currently

Notes from the first hackspace meeting, Static, Liverpool, 21-23.03.2013

How to start currently?


“Its just too wide…like the ocean we need anchor Points” Elisabeth Weihe (second left in photo)

What is it we want to make? Sea platforms / production onboard / seaweed factories / biomedical prospecting / socials / connections / hackspaces in ports

The Journey; across the sea or along the coast and across the canals? We began to think of the coast and its network of ports as important as the major crossing

Reflecting on spaces at sea and the coast where data overlaps and changes and shifts, different senses of time and space: old technology (viking crystals) to downloading weather data and sailing without compasses / Discussed the social side of sailing #socialsea from port to port how everybody shares information and helping environment

What is Ship AIS and how does it work : paths to server; ship to ship to shore to satellite/AIS water rescue suits; do they really work is there enough data being broadcast at the right rate

Checked out the weather and talked about getting data over AIS downloading every 4 days over the atlantic
Active and passive radar reflector shapes

Discussed Marine Accident investigation

the body learning the sea / The sea as a space for new life / territory / the law and the sea