Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hackspace 2 @Hovedøya


Currently Hackspace 2 took place on Hovedøya Island Oslo on 8th & 9th October 2013.

We had inspiring talks from Elisabeth Weihe on her research trip between Oslo and Inverness and Fair Isle, Orkney Islands, Jana Winderen on underwater choral reef recording, Etienne Gernez and his visions for marine research and Hans-Jorgen Weihe walkthrough his book Den Norske Iseksporten (The Frozen Water Trade)

We finished with building a prototype GhostNet Synthesiser led by Steve Symons and Ross Dalziel that passed live accelerometer data from a floating net over USB (after some radio module compatibility problems) to some synthesiser patterns in Supercollider.

Look out for GhostNet design details on GitHub

Finally here’s a photo book (pdf) with some snapshots of the meeting.